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In honor of Prince, I am reposting an old blog I wrote back in August, 2011 featuring the legend himself.

August 29, 2011

"Don't you miss the feeling music gave you, back in the day" asks Prince in Musicology. Why yes, yes I do! Something about The Beatles, The Stones, Hendrix, Elvis... that just cannot be replicated. Sly's gonna "take you higher" like no one else can and James Brown got you feeling good. Ahhh, and MOTOWN! There will never again be the likes of Barry Gordy's Motown. I watched MTV's VMA awards recently and longed for the days of Ed Sullivan and American Bandstand. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate today's artists and what they have to offer - Gaga's voice, the Black Eyed Peas swag, LMFAO's party rock (LMFAO, by the way, are Motown's own Barry Gordy's offspring). But the foundation these sounds originated from (funk, rock, pop, R&B, hip hop), hold a place in history by the "Greats" the likes of which we will never see again. Well, except for Prince, music genius that he is. He's so good, I once went to his Musicology concert twice. Enjoyed it so much the first time in Phoenix that I flew to DC, grabbed my sister (biggest Prince fan ever) and went and savored it all over again.

Side note: Who remembers his yellow ass-less pants? #RIPPrince April 21, 2016

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